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Leadership Workshops
Equipping managers and leaders with the ability to effectively implement organisations initiatives is the key to success. Usually we find that people are technically sound in their roles. The missing links for most are the skills required to engage, motivate and manage performance. These are skills not taught in traditional education systems and are skills that are not easily picked up by reading books. They involve a fundamental shift in our thinking and behaviour. The best way to learn these skills is through an experiential workshop with follow up and support.
DraperCo offers several different workshops to deliver these types of skills. We work with an organisation to customise the delivery to ensure the best outcome for the organisation and the participants.
“Congratulations for an exciting and personally rewarding experience. Tony proved to be a masterful facilitator with a plethora of real stories that keep you focused and engaged. The sessions flowed, while the professionalism and sophistication of our training unleashed its power.”
James Darling
Managing Director, DBM Australia
Ignite - Foundations in Leadership Coaching
Ignite is the foundation program in Leadership Coaching. The program is module 1 of the Forton Group’s fully accredited Professional Leadership Coaching Program. It supports the integration of coaching skills into their approach with staff and colleagues. Ignite is unique in it’s approach using leadership competencies as a foundation for the development of a coach approach. This program is perfect for organisations that want to grow their leaders and work towards the creation of internal coach capability.
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DraperCo is the distributor for all the Forton Group programs in Asia Pacific and provides the entire Professional Leadership Coaching Program to organisations in this region.
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The Coaching Clinic®
Coaching Skills for Managers – Manager as Coach
Performance management is a key challenge for all organisations. Giving managers coach skills training is a practical approach to this challenge. Coach skills training for managers and leaders can form a valuable part of the organisation’s leadership initiative.
The Coaching Clinic equips managers and leaders with the coaching models and skills to move away from ‘command and control’ management to a coach approach.
It gives them real skills that allow them to effectively communicate, engage people, foster an environment of continuous learning and attract employees.
The Coaching Clinic® is the world’s most respected Manager as Coach workshop. There is also an advanced version of the workshop Essential Conversations for Developing Others.
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The Coaching Conversation
The coaching conversation is a half day program that provides participants with a introduction to a coaching model and a means of having more effective performance management conversations.
This program is ideal for junior managers and team leaders. It also works well when integrated into other leadership programs.
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Train the Trainer
DraperCo also provides Train the Trainers programs for these workshops. Train the Trainer programs licenses individuals within the organisation to deliver the materials. Creating this type of internal capability provides organisation with a greater flexibility to roll out programs across the whole organisation.
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Other programs
DraperCo also partners with organisations to provide customised workshops in communications skills and team building.
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