Clients & Testimonials

Executive Coaching

  • Leighton Crisp

    ANZ Markets Manager

    Tony's guidance over the past years has made a great contribution to my life. Attending one of Tony's coaching courses was a great experience and the information and skills I acquired have been essential in my personal and career development. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a professional.

  • Bhaskar Bhattacharya

    Leadership & Talent Management Consultant; Facilitator & Coach; Performance Transformation Consultant

    I consider myself lucky to have been coached and mentored by Tony. Not only did he teach me how to make coaching simple and impactful; he also walked with me every step of the way on my journey to completing ACC credentialing by ICF. Tony is an excellent motivator; engages at a personal level and deeply committed to the growth of coaching as a profession.

  • Christopher Brooks

    Business consultant reducing staff turnover for SMEs and NFPs through Learning and Development & HR structures.

    Dr. Draper has been my business Coach since he ran a coaching course that I attended in 2007 when I started my own L&D business. He has guided me gently but firmly through some very challenging areas in running a business. His knowledge of the general business world is invaluable when you get stuck! He listens attentively, even when his CEO is breathing down his neck, and asks insightful questions to challenge my thinking and enable me to see situations from other angles. I continue to use Tony's services to this day and have no intention of him not being part of my business in the future.

  • Prasad Deshpande MCC

    CEO Empowered Learning Systems,Partner Thinking Dimensions Global(TDG),Prefered Partner Herrman International Asia

    Tony is a committed and sincere coach who is very conscientious. He is patient and is very comfortable to work with, He has a deep knowledge and feel for coaching which is invaluable as a mentor to another fellow coach. He is approachable and what I like best is his sense of integrity. I would strongly endorse his services.

  • Simon Barnard

    Managing Director at Hartley's Body Corporate Management

    I have been associated with Tony at both a senior executive coaching level and at a corporate coaching level. Tony brings a unique style of coaching that provided support in achieving goals that our company would not have previously stretched for. I highly recommend Tony's skills as a respected professional coach.

  • Tim Allman

    Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers

    Tony has provided great insights around leadership during the time we have worked together.

Creating A Coaching Culture

  • Megan James

    Senior Advisor

    I have been managing staff for just on 20 years and was starting to feel a little stale and lacklustre, lacking confidence in my ability to draw out the best in my people, let alone myself. After 2 days of learning to coach with Tony Draper I have renewed vigour! I’ve returned to my team feeling confident and inspired, ready to transition to a new style of engaging leadership, practising coaching throughout my interactions with my team. Thank you, Tony, for not only reminding me what a great job I have, but for arming me with the skills to build my team from good to great!

  • David Zohar

    Manager (Principal Engineer)

    Tony Draper’s coaching was an eye opener, I should have done it a long time ago. The skills I learnt will serve me for the rest of my life in both professional and personal domains.
    Tony’s coaching approach is not just slides, questions and assignments but rather a very pragmatic one, as you constantly practice the skills you learn in class, refine your coaching skills and also, with the follow up meetings with both Tony and your cohort.
    The coaching skill will make me a more rounded manager that will enable me to support my staff in achieving our goals without telling them how to do it, by engaging and empowering them to ensure they take leadership and accountability. This is exactly what you want as a senior person, as you will not always have the solution and you need to tap into the intellectual resources of your subordinates to deliver the organisation’s strategic goals.
    Tony’s coaching helped me believe in my goal to become a board advisor and comprehend what are the missing pieces in the puzzle to accomplish it.

  • Dicky Path Tong

    Chief Pathfinder, PathFinders Alliances Limited, General Manager, Weilburger Asia Limited

    First met Tony in 2011 and was inspired by his relaxed and yet intense style of facilitating the workshops and during “one+one” coaching exercises. His ability to listen through clumsy elaboration by “clients/coachees” and pinpoint on key issues was impressive which indicated his years of heartfelt dedication in the field.

    More recently it was a pleasant surprise to meet Tony again. Four days of facilitation passed by in a blink of an eye as his controlled the flow of information and energy around the room in perfection. I was always fascinated by his real-life cases sharing and the subsequent result attained. Certainly, one of the most empowering coaches/facilitators I have come across for sure.

  • Victor Lam

    Senior Manager, Organization Learning, Asia Pacific, Lord Asia International Limited

    Was very grateful to have the chance to attend a two-day coaching certification program facilitated by Tony. Deeply impressed with his professional delivery, dedication to support the growth of others and experience sharing which has enlightened me both as trainer and coach. Would highly recommend Tony to any individuals or companies that wish to strengthen their coaching skills!

  • Ross Hodgman

    Regional Manager (Operations)

    I have worked with a number of coaches over the last ten years and have found that Tony continues to stand out. Tony has an extremely high level of knowledge and experience in interpersonal communications, organisational development and emotional intelligence, and skilfully applies this in both coaching and facilitation environments.
    He is able to deliver a professional coaching service by establishing a trusting relationship that challenges and supports his clients. Tony helps those that he coaches achieve potential far beyond their expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tony as both a coach and a facilitator.

  • Michael Nelles

    Senior Public Sector Planner and Internal Coach

    Tony has professionally, effectively and enjoyably facilitated a number of coaching workshops, network meetings and tele-classes that I and other attendees benefitted from. Every time, Tony was able to keep sessions moving and involve all participants; digging deep to discover fresh insights and truths, of benefit to all. Without hesitation, I would strongly recommend Tony as a powerful, capable and effective facilitator, of whatever your next situation/opportunity is – anything that needs new energy, perspectives or options.