Create a Coaching Culture

Corporate Coaching supports the organisation to
successfully implement

Today’s workplaces are often described by the acronym VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). The challenge for leaders is how to navigate this turbulent environment. More and more organisations are looking to leadership coaching and creating a coaching culture to effectively meet the challenge.

By equipping leaders with a ‘coach approach’ or style we change the types of conversations taking place in organizations. The quality of our conversations drives the quality of our relationships and thus shapes the culture.

What is Corporate Coaching?

Corporate Coaching supports the organisation to
successfully implement

Corporate coaching supports the organisation to successfully implement people strategy. Another way to look at it is partnering to support whatever organisational development (OD) initiative the organisation is trying to accomplish.

Organisations are great at creating OD initiatives (cultural change, retention and attraction strategies, performance management systems etc) and sometimes struggle with the implementation.

This is where we shine especially when the organisation is developing a coaching culture. The key to success is to partner with the client and customise a solution so it’s very fabric looks, feels and smells like the organisation.

Effective Implementation of a Coaching Culture

Corporate Coaching supports the organisation to
successfully implement

The implementation of OD initiatives often get stalled because we don’t equip leaders with the skills necessary to bring about effective change. The direction that organisations are moving to with respect to culture is that of a “coaching culture”. For effective cultural change, we need to change the types of conversations we are having. Our conversations drive our relationships which drive the culture of the organisation.

DraperCo has a successful track record of creating and supporting coaching cultures inside organisations. We provide leaders with the ability to have more effective conversations. We have helped to build some of the largest internal coaching pools in the world through a variety of initiatives. The figure below shows the steps involved in the successful

Roadmap to Creating a Coaching Culture

Corporate Coaching supports the organisation to
successfully implement

The cultural change roadmap has many components. DraperCo partners with organisations at all levels to fill the gaps where appropriate. We have many products and services that support organisations on their journey from strategy development and leadership programs through to measuring ROI. In some cases, we partner in many levels of the process and in others we support the organisation in just one area.

Another way of looking at the how coaching can be layered in an organisation is to look at the pyramid model below. This model is based on need for a coaching mix:

  • External coaches: professional coaches with business and leadership experience combined with objectivity and greater independence from the organisation;typically a few people coaching senior leaders.
  • Internal coaching community: professionally trained and qualified people delivering coaching to staff usually outside their own team.
  • The coach approach: greater numbers of leaders and managers using coaching skills to develop and support others to be successful.

Facilitated Sessions using Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)

Corporate Coaching supports the organisation to
successfully implement

From the boardroom to the shop floor a C-IQ facilitated session will result in more creative and meaningful outcomes.
C-IQ builds a trusting environment which allows the group to “Co-create” C-IQ promotes inclusion, sharing and discovery leading to powerful outcomes.

Planning sessions often result in poor outcomes because of ‘group think’ or the shutdown of important contributions. A facilitated session can ensure that:

  • all possibilities are explored;
  • contributions come from everyone;
  • Creativity is tapped into through a fun and creative process.

As a result, you will end up with a plan that is more sustainable and has stronger buy-in.