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DraperCo’s professional services concentrate on increasing an organisation’s effectiveness by improving communication, engagement and connection among its people.

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Ignite Leadership Coaching

Corporate Coaching supports the organisation to
successfully implement

Dynamic business skills for effective leadership

This workshop supports people who are in supervisory, management or leadership roles to use coaching skills as a tool for effective conversations. This coaching style of leadership makes one-to-one, performance conversations and team building more effective.

All of these professional conversations benefit from coaching skills – just as being able to influence others can draw on these tools. We encourage people to innovate and take responsibility, tailoring programs to business leadership and values frameworks.

A coaching style enables participants to
  • Improve 1-to-1 and performance reviews
  • Enhance business performance
  • Support people through change
  • Align the team with the business strategy
  • Achieve challenging targets
  • Focus on success

Ignite Leadership Coaching provides a systematic grounding in the core skills, tools, adopting the right mindset and principles of leadership coaching. The rigour of the program, combined with the emphasis on leadership, prepares participants to work with people from any level of an organisation—from the shop floor to the board room.


This two-day workshop is accredited by the International Coach Federation (as part of the Professional Course in Leadership Coaching). Participants can go on to further training and achieve an internationally-recognised qualification in leadership coaching, if required. Experienced Coaches can use this course to contribute towards their ‘coach specific training hours’ or CPD.

By the end of the Ignite Workshop, participants will be able to use coaching skills and principles to -
  • Develop as a leader
  • Hold effective conversations with peers, colleagues and team members
  • Coach and be coached

Training takes place in the classroom over two days and via four group webinars over an eight-week period. This approach enables participants to practice their skills and embed them in their work environment – which provides greatest value for money and return on investment. Students also create a coaching circle with fellow participants to support the implementation of their coaching skills.

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Executive Coaching

Corporate Coaching supports the organisation to
successfully implement

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Executive coaching is a one on one process tailored specifically to the needs of the individual.

Successful Executive coaching has a framework so that it is targeted and effective. We utilise purpose as an underlying foundation - ‘Purpose’ is about life direction; a strategic element of the conversation. ‘Purpose’ covers a range of personal commitments: our vision, values, our authentic self and a sense of ‘drive’ or purpose itself. The role of the coach in the Purpose Step is to connect clients to their purpose and, at various times, remind them of it.

Successful coaching shares the following features:
  • It is rooted in humanistic psychology and works from the premise that people are healthy resourceful and creative. The coach’s role is not to provide the answers but rather the questions and a supportive, judgement free environment that motivates clients to explore options and get into action.
  • Good coaching provides an environment in which people experience and receive unconditional positive regard. Trust is quickly built setting a foundation for successful exploration ownership, action and positive change.
  • The coaching environment is supportive yet challenging and leads to sustainable change and growth for the individual. Speeding up the process of change beyond what the client is likely to achieve themselves.

The benefits of executive coaching are felt by both the individual and the organisation through improvement effectiveness and performance.

Return on Investment (ROI) for executive coaching

Numerous studies quote ROI’s for executive coaching from 500% to 1000%.

Among the benefits to companies that provided coaching to executives were improvements in:
Productivity 53% of executives
Quality 48%
Organizational strength 48%
Customer service 39%
Reducing customer complaints 34%
Retaining executives who received coaching 32%
Cost reductions 23%
Bottom-line profitability 22%
Among the benefits to executives who received coaching were improved:
Working relationships with direct reports 77% of executives
Working relationships with supervisors 71%
Teamwork 67%
Working relationships with peers 63%
Job satisfaction 61%
Conflict reduction 52%
Organizational commitment 44%
Working relationships with clients 37%

Group Coaching

Corporate Coaching supports the organisation to
successfully implement

Group coaching can be defined as coaching that takes place with two or more people simultaneously. However, the definition is quite broad and can include a number of different types of groups and a number of different ways to deliver the coaching.

One key distinction of group coaching as compared to one on one coaching is the mutual support and motivation the client experiences being part of the group. It can be synergistic where the group produces outcomes greater than each individual part.

While several differences can be identified between group coaching and facilitation, some key points to remember include:
  • Coaching is focused on the person whereas facilitation is often focused on the process
  • A coach usually gives more input and more direction than a facilitator, and makes specific requests of the participants
  • A coach usually asks more of the group than a facilitator does (e.g.: to produce more)
  • In group coaching, the focus is on the individual and the growth of the individual; the synergy of the group is used to support the individual
Benefits of Group Coaching
  • Clients find out they don't have to be a lone ranger
  • More affordable for the client
  • The client can listen and learn from others without being pressured to answer every question
  • Peer group coaching - new ideas from others who are in the same place
  • Encourages interaction, sharing, telling, courtesy, bonding skills
  • Clients can give each other different perspectives and new paradigms
  • Effective - group can develop a particular topic; focus on a particular area
  • Client might be more apt to do the work when reporting back to a group
  • Creates an atmosphere of success
  • People might feel more accountable and committed to their own success within a group setting

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Team Coaching

Corporate Coaching supports the organisation to
successfully implement
The objectives are to:
  • Empower the team to achieve results and integrate learning;
  • Balance the relationship between task and process;
  • Hold the vision of the organisation and team; and
  • Assist the team to align actions with teams / organisations vision and goals

Team coaching is most effective either when the team is first coming together or when it becomes derailed.

The aim of the coaching is to assist the team to create and execute their own solutions. The responsibility of the coach is to the team process, to support achievement of goals, to observe the interpersonal relationships and linkages that impact the team’s work.

By cementing a solid foundation the team will be more productive and generate better results. For more information about creating the foundation for a high performing team the following documents are available on request.
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  • Team Contracting
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Team Decision Making Model