Grow as a Coach

Corporate Coaching supports the organisation to
successfully implement

DraperCo supports the growth and development of new and experienced coaches, through a suite of ICF accredited coach training programs, mentoring and coaching supervision.

The Professional Leadership Coaching Program

Corporate Coaching supports the organisation to
successfully implement

In association with the Forton Group, DraperCo offers and distributes the ICF Accredited Professional Leadership Coaching Program. Tony Draper is the Asia Pacific Regional Director and the Director of Training for the Forton Group.

DraperCo provides access to and delivers this internationally accredited coach training programs and mentoring services, which enable you to become certified as a Certified Leadership Coach (ICF ACC training level) or Certified Professional Leadership Coach (ICF PCC training level) with the credibility and proficiency to coach leaders at all levels, in all sized and types of organizations.

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Mentor Coaching

Corporate Coaching supports the organisation to
successfully implement

An important step for internal and external coaches is to gain certification from the ICF (International Coach Federation). One requirement in the certification process is mentor coaching.

DraperCo has developed a program for coaches to obtain their mentoring coaching requirements and the review of coach recordings. The program combines group coaching and individual coaching and utilises coaching practicum, recorded session review, case studies and demonstration. Each individual experiences a program tailored to their needs to ensure success when obtaining a credential.

Coaching Supervision

Corporate Coaching supports the organisation to
successfully implement

Once competency and capability are developed through mentor coaching, coaches who want advanced professional development are turning to Coach Supervision. Supervision draws on reflective practices to build the coaches capacity. We refer here to capacity being a human quality, rather than a skill and more to do with who you are, rather than what you do. (Peter Hawkins)

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Coach Supervision and Mentoring Training

Corporate Coaching supports the organisation to
successfully implement

In conjunction with the Forton Group we offer comprehensive accredited training for coaches wanting to become coach supervisors and coach mentors.

The program supports the coaching profession and fellow coaches to develop their professional practice as a coach, raise their confidence and improve coaching competences and ethics. The Forton Coach-Mentoring and Supervision program gives you the theoretical understanding and the practical experience and confidence to deliver coach-supervision services to fellow professionals. The program is suitable for advanced and experienced coaches.

A blend of delivery methods

  • One-day in-person workshop (can be virtual)
  • Skills development by webinar
  • Group supervision by webinar
  • Ethics masterclasses by webinar
  • 1-1 supervision by phone or webinar
  • Personal Study Assignments supported by Senior Faculty Members

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