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DraperCo works with a network of associate coaches across the Asia Pacific Region. Our coaches all have leadership experience in the corporate world prior to becoming a coach. Clients can be assured of the highest professional and ethical standards from DraperCo coaches. All our coaches are members of the International Coach Federation (ICF), abide by the ICF Ethical Guidelines and hold ICF credentials. The International Coach Federation is the largest independent professional association for coaches with over 30,000 members globally.

Dr Tony Draper MCC

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Tony combines his solid business acumen with the best coaching models to support the delivery of sustainable solutions to his clients.

He has more than 30 years’ experience with multinational corporations, both as an employee and professional coach in the Asia-Pacific region.Tony has a passion for working with clients who want to develop their organisation and increase performance, equipping people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to fully develop and be effective in their commitment to themselves, their organisation and their work.

Tony is Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the International Coach Federation. This is the ICF’s highest credential and less than 3% of coaches globally hold this credential.

Coaches Profiles

  • Jo Bassett PCC
  • Melinda Horton ACC
  • Yvonne McLean PCC
  • Sharon Honner ACC
  • Richard O’Quinn MBA ACC
  • Cynthia Calluori PCC
  • Nikhil K. Maini ACC
  • Robyn Freshwater PCC

Jo Bassett PCC

Jo is a coach, facilitator and writer who created Living Savvy—an online coaching resource. Jo shares the message on how small changes you can make to your daily life, your habits and your mindset produces amazing results. Jo works with people to achieve big without scarifying joy and wellbeing, that’s what she calls ‘Burn Bright without Burning out’.

Jo is enthusiastic about inspiring people to ask themselves the big questions in life, discover new perspectives, dig deep to find their own answers, commit to small changes in habits and mindset, and celebrate their success. She converses with others about living well on Twitter and Facebook.

In her coaching, she draws upon almost two decades of experience working with government, non-government and non-profit organisations in a variety of roles including community engagement, team leader, facilitator, consultant, coach and educator.

Melinda Horton ACC

Melinda Horton is a professional coach and an experienced executive general manager. Her vision, and passion, is to align management and leadership through communication to achieve better teams, better workplaces and better results.

Melinda provides coaching, consulting and facilitation services and actively seeks to partner with individuals and organisations that truly value their people and their contributions.Her strengths span change management, communication and business process improvement with a proven track record in functional and executive management.

She combines her work ethic, business acumen and people skills to develop leaders and workplace teams that strive to deliver outcomes.

Yvonne McLean PCC

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Yvonne is passionate about supporting people in organisations to grow as leaders and to build a sustainable values-driven corporate culture. As a coach, she supports her clients by providing a safe space to reflect and grow, guiding each person towards achieving their successful outcomes.

She combines her previous experience as a lawyer in private practice and a senior executive in corporate to work with senior business leaders and professionals across the globe and in many sectors, both private and public.

She was the founding Programme Director for the NZ Global Women, Women in Leadership Initiative, responsible for developing its highly successful Breakthrough Leaders’ Programme. She has since developed and led successful women in leadership and general leadership programmes for corporate and public sector clients. She also works with leaders in many organisations to develop their emotional intelligence and coaching capability.

Her support for the success of women business leaders extends to being the NZ Chapter Chair of the New York based Women Presidents’ Organization – see

Sharon Honner ACC

Sharon is passionate about supporting individuals and groups to operate at their best, creating enhanced performance and enabling success in themselves and others.

Her strengths are in communication, interpersonal relations, team building and ability to stretch leaders, managers and team members thinking to new horizons.

Sharon, as a credentialed Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) has experience in the private, not for profit and public sectors ranging from individual coaching of leaders, managers and employees through to improving the performance of business and management teams.

Richard O’Quinn MBA ACC

Richard believes that the best way to achieve personal and professional growth is to explore possibilities through challenge. He combines his extensive leadership experience, business acumen, and coaching skills to assist his clients to achieve their potential.

Richard has had a distinguished 23-year career as a leader in the US Army Infantry, Rangers, and Special Forces culminating in his selection and service as a Battalion Commander from 2011 to 2013. Richard understands the challenges leaders face having personally led teams and organizations ranging from ten to over 1000 personnel including 10 years in senior leadership positions.

Richard has coached and consulted with numerous for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in both the public and private sectors. Clients have included individuals and teams in education, engineering, finance, logistics, manufacturing, and defense from five continents.

Cynthia Calluori PCC

Cynthia works to create strategies for personal and organisational growth with a focus on Leadership Performance. She has a passion for working with clients who want to develop their organisation and increase performance.

Cynthia is an experienced leader who is recognised for her creative contribution to the growth and development of individuals and teams. Cynthia’s accomplishments include significant improvements in customer satisfaction, employee productivity and employee morale.

Cynthia has worked with a wide variety of organisations and businesses in North America, Europe and Asia. She has also been instrumental in the professional development of corporate coaching businesses in North America, United Kingdom, Italy, Korea and Japan.

Nikhil K. Maini ACC

Nikhil believes truly that the “teacher will arrive, when the student is ready”. Sincerity and dedication to people and organisation development has been Nikhil’s strongest points. He has served as an expert in Leadership Development and Culture Change with proven bottom-line changes to organisations over the last 2 decades.

Nikhil provides coaching, consulting and facilitation services to organisations globally and has trained / coached more than 20,000 people in 22 industry sectors across UAE, Oman, Qatar, India, Australia, Canada, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Nikhil is Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation. He is India’s first few professionally certified coaches.

Robyn Freshwater PCC

Robyn’s coaching effectiveness comes from a combination of passion to support people to become better leaders, managers and team members and a natural ability to warmly and genuinely connect with people.

Robyn specialises in executive & professional development coaching, workshop facilitation, leadership & organisation development, employee engagement and culture change.

Her ten years of professional coaching experience in both the private, not for profit and public sectors, has ranged from individual coaching of leaders, managers and employees, through to improving the performance of business and senior management teams. Robyn is widely recognized for her ability to facilitate change and deliver practical results through the development of highly effective relationships with people and teams. Robyn has an extensive background in the planning and implementation of major organisational restructures.